Date of Birth: 06/10/1982

Date of Death: 07/24/2012

  • Birthweight: 7 lbs. 1 oz.
  • Weight: 112 lbs.
  • Height: 5 ft.
  • Limb Difference: yes
  • Siblings: Nicole 19 Courtney 30
  • Living Arrangements: group home
  • Favorite Things: Pens, anything blue, baseball hats, lanyards with photo ID's, guitar, CD's and CD player, DVD's and DVD player.
  • Favorite Activities: "Playing" guitar and singing along with CD's or DVD's. Mowing the lawn, doing laundry, doing dishes, talking on the phone.
  • Share & Learn: David has extreme anxiety that manifests as aggression and property destruction and skin picking. David is having increasing problems with belly pain that a cause has not been found yet. He is having periodic episodes of vomiting.
  • Keycode: 5657